How to choose the right wedding planner

Apart from the problems with finding the right husband and all the financial difficulties, having a beautiful wedding is easier than ever. Now there are specialists in this field that organize everything about your special day – from the time and place to the dishes and the music. And you can be absolutely sure that all the things in the program will be filled with beauty and finesse.

The only thing that you will have to do is choose the right wedding planner because the competition has recently become very high and you cannot always be sure whether you make the right choice or not. It is always a good idea to check if there is any feedback or comments that their customers left on their websites or on forums. You can see pictures of previous celebrations and decide for yourself if they are organized with enough beauty for your likings.

The best part is that after you have chosen a proper wedding planner you will not have to do anything more, unless you want to be involved in the process, of course. You can be sure that the professional will be able to make things much better than yourself, but after all it is your day and things should be made the way you want them to be. After all beauty is something subjective and different for everybody and so what is good for the planner may not be good for you.

Make sure that you see pictures of as many weddings as possible because this will give you countless ideas that you can after that share with the planner. There are many different ornaments that people use during celebrations. Moreover, there are countless ideas for various places where you can get married.

They are all very beautiful and attractive, although some more conservative couples may not be very happy with them. But as we have said already beauty is always different for everybody so regardless of the number weddings and ideas you see, make sure that you choose something that you and your husband like – not the planner, not the guests, not the parents, but you and your husband.

Good luck!

Feeding a baby

How and when to start feeding the baby with other food besides the mother’s milk is a question that matters for every mother. Every baby has its own process of growth. There are many signs that will start to appear when the baby is ready to try the “serious” food. One of the first signs is that the baby will be interested in what the rest of the people eat. This is normal and it means that the baby realizes his own food is different from what the other people eat.

This may happen at a different age of the baby, because every baby has personal speed of growing. This interest might appear when the baby is 6 months, or when the baby is 9 months old. It’s individual for every baby.

In the very beginning the baby must be fed with vegetable’s or fruit’s pap from the store, specially adapted for each different age of the baby. Or the mother could prepare the meal herself at home (this seems to be more recommended, because the mom knows exactly what is inside the meal).

Even when the baby starts to eat meals, it doesn’t mean that the breastfeeding should stop. The schedule of the breastfeeding should be the same as before but it could be replaced once with a vegetable meal. A small meal of fruit could be given between the breastfeeding periods. It’s important for the mother to know and control the size of the portions. That’s why everything should be measured. The amount of the food the baby has for the first time is important, because if the baby continues to eat it, the portion could get bigger a little by little. One portion could reach 200 grams. This is normal even for a 6-7-month-old baby and it only means that the baby has a good appetite.

The regime of breastfeeding should stay the same as before, the mother’s milk is still very important for the baby. Still as the baby grows, the mother could try to make the periods between the breastfeeding longer. The best thing about the babies is that they are very flexible and could easily accept and adjust to the new regime.

If the baby doesn’t like the new regime, he/she will get nervous and start crying thus letting know everybody about it. Each mother knows her baby best, so there is no problem for her to try to control each aspect of the whole process of feeding the baby – periods of time between the breastfeed, vegetable’s, fruit’s meals, pap meals, etc. Mothers should not be afraid to do so, because this is the way to discover what exactly the needs of the baby are.

The needs change according to the stage of growth. Something that seemed to be good for the baby and the baby liked it, the next day might not work out very well and the baby might get displeased with it. Therefore the flexibility is very important.

Should we do diets?

Dieting is a bore and seems endless – two facts no one can deny. Once you start practicing it, it rolls on and on, and you are on and off, doing it regularly – most of us need to, unless you belong to that magical, alien category of people who eat all they want and never get fat. But, alas, not me.

Why is it that no matter what kind of diet you start – it never works? Looks like a semi-miracle in itself, if you think about it! And we are all aware, of course, of the so called “yo-yo” effect – the more you do diets, the more you starve yourself, the more your organism fights the apocalypse you bring on it, and the heavier you get, in time.

Well, it would be easy to say – you’re doing it all wrong! Sure you are, and me too, but there must be a way out, right? You look at all those weirdos on TV, saying that they have lost all the unnecessary kilos with this new wondrous formula ( whatever this might mean this season). The truth is that most celebrities don’t really do diets to look good – but they would do anything else. Ops, plastic surgery, or maybe fitness and sports – I do believe that those guys have long now realised that diets just don’t work! You see, the human body has all kinds of natural, evolution-determined ways to survive, and it strives to survive no matter what. All the body’s chemistry is going to fight you and your decision to reduce sugar or pastry. And not in a nice way too.

The truth is that you need all those harmful things you’re cutting down on – or, worse, forbidding yourself to eat – both physiologically, and psychologically. I guess the truth lies in physical activity, but then – most weight-problem-having people do despise it. And maybe the problem lies exactly in this. If you prefer sports only on TV, then maybe a good piece of advice for you is to cut down on (but gradually!) everything white – sugar, salt, flour. Still, don’t just leave those out, because your body will demand the diversity of foods that you are used to have, and you will be in need of very strong willpower to overcome the craving.

And finally, of course, the combination of both would be the best. Make it your lifestyle and you won’t be needing diets any more!